Our Story

Our Company wants you to Meet Pop and get to know the owners of this company. Gigi is the President/CEO and Ronnie is the Business Manager. We are married and have 3 wonderful children (Paulina, Aaron & Antoinette). We live in New York City and love the big apple very much. Ronnie started selling products online in 2003 and continued to expand the business. We decided to build a website in 2016 and explore the internet world.

Helping People Quit Smoking

Our company was built to help people quit smoking cigarettes. Vaping gives people a option to quit smoking so we looked into selling vaporizers online. We searched online to find the very best vapes on the market and found many top rated vaporizers, we purchased these products wholesale and are selling them rather quickly. The business is growing rapidly so we will continue to put our efforts in helping people quit smoking. We love helping people, we want people to quit cigarettes any way they can and we know vaping can help. Recommended Vape: BUG MINI.

Quit Smoking Banner Cigarette On a Beach Chair