Neutrogena Cellular Boost Review

Neutrogena Cellular Boost Review

Today, my wife and I would like to present to you our Neutrogena Cellular Boost Review of the new line of anti-aging products by the brand NeutrogenaCellular Boost. These products are not on the United States Neutrogena Website; they were launched in May of 2019 in other countries for the time being but they are available Here at The Pop Shop in America Now. These products were made in France by the Johnson & Johnson Company.

The products are innovative and promise to make your skin more elastic and minimize the wrinkles in just 4 weeks of use with the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair serums. In this post, we will share our personal experiences with these products. Note: it is possible that our opinions will be different from the opinions of other product testers. We all have different skin types and it is normal to have different impressions. Thus, we encourage you not to make any quick conclusions and read different opinions first.

About the Neutrogena Products

The Neutrogena Products include a Day Anti-Wrinkle Cream, a Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Neutrogena Eye Cream, and Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair.

The main feature of these Neutrogena Moisturizer products are the formulas with Neutrogena Retinol, which naturally stimulate collagen production. Another important ingredient of all the products is Vitamin C, as it makes the skin color more bright and even, at the same time reducing the dark spots. Cellular Boost also protects the face with Neutrogena Sunscreen.

Our experience

We are in our late 40’s and have some fine lines on our skin. Up until now, we have not been using any anti-aging products (except for a night face mask). But starting from this year, we are more open towards anti-aging products as we want to slowly introduce them to our skincare routine.

After trying the products from the Neutrogena Cellular Boost line for 2 weeks, we were very happy with them. As this product test is coming to the end, we are using these products daily with great relief. There were several things that we like about these products. The ingredients were suitable for our type of skin and our face felt so smooth.

First of all, the Neutrogena Light Therapy rejuvenated and moisturized our skin. We felt so good after each application, day and night. Especially the area around our eyes, it looked smooth and tone in appearance. Thank God we found this for our skin, the day and night cream brought a smooth, fresh feeling during the first week of using Neutrogena With Retinol. We consider ourselves to be lucky, as normally our skin is very sensitive and cannot tolerate most of the things that we try.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture of the skin was not the only positive. We noticed that our skin was clearer and refreshed in all areas. Thus, we think that these products suit well for problematic skin. At the same time, they are moisturizing enough for dry skin. Also, the Neutrogena Face Sunscreen SPF 20 ingredient will work great outdoors to avoid any skin issues due to the sun.

We all have different skin types, we know a lot of people who can just buy cream in a drug store or supermarket and it will work fine for them. With our skin, it is always a lot of money and time investment before we find some suitable skin products. So we want to encourage you to try the Cellular Boost line. Get some free testers, if you can, and test the products for a couple of days on your skin. That would be a good way to see if this will work for you as it did for us.

Have a nice evening 🙂

Best regards,

Ronald and Gigi