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1pc – Gordo Tank up to 5ml( Kanthal Single Mesh 0.16ohm Coil-60W-80W)

1pc – Extra Kanthal Single Mesh 0.16ohm Coil (60-80W)

1pc – Replacement Pyrex Glass (2ml)

1 – set of Replacement O-rings

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MigVapor Gordo Fat Tank



MigVapor Gordo Fat Tank Specs: 24mm*45mm stainless steel/glass 5ml. 2ml Kanthal mesh coil, Top fill Colorful Resin 810 Drip tip, Support 0.1ohm resistance box/mod. This device only works with our Morpheus battery. Will work with mods, the Pop Shop does not sell high power mods Like SMOK and Tesla and Vaporesso. 24mm Base Diameter, 29mm Diameter at Widest Point, 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity. Superior Stainless Steel Construction, Colorful exterior Aluminum decoration. Bulb Glass Pyrex Glass – Food-Grade High-Grade Glass Reinforcement. High-Temperature Resistant Explosion Proof Convenient Top-Fill Design. Massive Adjustable Airflow Control at Base. Compatible with Freemax Mesh Pro Coils, Cobra Resin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip, 510 Connection Available in Red.


Gordo Fat Tank - What is an RDA ?


What Is An RDA and RTA? Is There A Difference?

MigVapor Gordo Fat Tank asks: What is an RDA and what is an RTA? Both are good questions that we will answer shortly. Obviously, both are used for vaping, usually sub ohm vaping. But before we get into the details, we will provide some essential background information first. Both RDAs and RTAs are atomizer devices, or otherwise known as vape tanks. Specifically, the device that connects to a vape mod battery and converts vape juice into vapor. The device is made up of the following components:

  • Drip tip
  • Housing or tank
  • Atomizer deck
  • Vape coil
  • Wick
  • Atomizer base
  • 510 connection

Almost every type of tank, RDA, or RTA will be made of of these components. E-cig cartridges and pods are different, but essentially still have the same core parts. Any vape needs an atomizer, a base to connect to a power source, an atomizer base, coil, and tip.

Basically, the best way to think about it is that to vaporize e-liquid a device must convert current into heat, which then vaporizes e-juice. The e-juice needs to be in contact with the heating coil, which is accomplished by saturating a wick. An atomizer device, such as a tank or RDA, is made up of all the components required to convert liquid to vapor. Therefore, any atomizer device must have the components necessary to generate vapor. RDAs and RTAs possess all necessary components to generate vapor.

What Is An RDA?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. An RDA is a device that requires the user to manually drip e-liquid onto the coil and wick before vaping. The user can get about five vapes before having to drop more e-juice onto the coil. The RDA does not contain a reservoir of e-liquid. Instead, the user removes the drip tip or the housing to expose the coil. While the coil is exposed, the user will drop several drops of vape liquid onto the wick and coil. Then, replace the tip or housing and continue vaping.

  • RDAs usually have large atomizer decks to accommodate coil building.
  • The user connects the coil ends to posts on the atomizer deck.
  • Then the user “wicks” the coil by running a cotton wick through the center of the coil.
  • Coil building requires skill and experience.
  • Building a coil with an atomizer resistance unsuitable to the power setting can be dangerous.
  • RDAs should be used only by people with extensive knowledge of Ohm’s Law.

This style of vaping is also known as “dripping”. Although dripping is the most labor intensive style of vaping, those who enjoy dripping do so for the massive vapor and piquant flavors. Dripping became popular several years ago in the early days of cloud chasing. The tanks and coils available at the time were limited. As a result, vapers took it upon themselves to build their own coils that could be vaped at higher wattages and generate more vapor.

Dripping has trailed off in popularity in recent years and vaping technology has essentially made dripping unnecessary. Be that as it may, for some vapers the art of coil building remains a passion. In those cases an RDA is still useful.


This is what an RDA and RTA deck looks like.

What Is An RTA?

An RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. The RTA design is the same concept as an RDA except that instead of dripping e-liquid, the RTA has a tank that contains e-liquid. In essence, an RTA is a device that allows the user to build their own coils but still enjoy the conveniences of a vape tank. Namely not having to manually drip vape juice every four of five hits.

  • RTAs have large atomizer decks for installing homemade vape coils.
  • The RTA atomizer deck is then sealed off inside of a vape tank.
  • The RTA tank is holds e-liquid just like a typical vape tank.

The vape juice capacity of an RTA tends to be slightly less that a regular vape tank. Because the atomizer deck is large in order to accommodate coil installation, more space is taken up compared to a pre-made vape coil. Still, an RTA can have an e-liquid capacity of 2 ml or more. That way the vaper does not have to manually drip juice onto the coil.

To sum up what is an RTA, it is basically a combination of an RDA and a vape tank. Both are designed to work with your coil build, but an RTA has a tank to contain e-juice. An RDA does not have a tank to contain e-juice.

RDAs and RTAs for Squonking

RDAs and RTAs can be used for squonking but only with a hollow 510 center pin. The hollow 510 pin allows the vape liquid to be pumped up through the base of the atomizer deck and onto the coil and wick. RDAs for squonking are called “bottom feeding” RDAs. Bottom feeding as in the vape juice is squeezed up into the atomizer base from the squonk mod.

Sqonking requires specialized vape gear and knowledge. Moreover, the majority of squonk mods are unregulated. That means that there is no control of the current drawn from the battery. In other words, squonk mods are typically mech mods. And mech mods can be dangerous.

We recommend using a sub ohm vape kit like the Mig Vapor Morpheus sub ohm vape mod. Or one of our other Mig mod kits. The reason is because our devices are premium quality and designed to be easy to use. The current is precision regulated and our mods have built in safety features. With Mig Vapor devices, vapers can let the technology do the heavy lifting while you kick back and enjoy the vaping.

Are RDAs and RTAs vape tanks?

There are many different types of vape tanks. RDAs and RTAs are two of many different styles. Technically, an RDA is not a tank because it does not have an actual tank that contains e-juice. However, an RDA will typically have a small channel to retain a small reservoir of e-liquid. Of course an RTA is a vape tank by every definition. Putting aside the varying technical definitions, both styles are considered to be vape tanks.

Ultimately, a vape tank is a device with an atomizer deck, a 510 connection, housing, and drip tip. Almost every atomizer assembly meets the criteria to be called a vape tank. The only exceptions would be e-cig refill cartridges and vape pods.

Does Using An RDA or RTA Equal Better Vaping?

Using an RDA or RTA can be a satisfying experience for enthusiastic hobbyists with the time and technical proficiency to build low resistance coils. While an RDA or RTA can be a decent choice for the most demanding cloud chasers, in general you do not need to use either to enjoy better vaping. Again, an RDA or RTA does not necessarily mean better vaping.

  • The answer is no. New vape tanks like the Mig Vapor WTF and Gordo Fat tank deliver incredible sub ohm vape clouds hassle free. Simple pop in a replacement coil, fill the tank, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy. Vapers do not need to build their own exotic coils to enjoy the best vaping.

The fact of the matter is that today’s leading vape tanks that use replaceable coils deliver superb vapor. The new coil designs offer a wide range of resistance levels. There is no need to bother with building your own coils. We have pre-made replacement coils that are easy to use, exceptionally well made, and deliver optimum vaping.

The bottom line is that an RDA or RTA are for the hobbyist. But most people just want results. As such, using a premium quality vape tank with pre-made coils is a better vape and hassle free.

How To Build Your Own Coils

Building coils for an RDA or RTA is an enjoyable exercise for some. But once again we want to caution vapers that making your own coils requires substantial knowledge of Ohm’s Law. It is important to understand current and resistance because if the power is too much for a certain coil resistance, it can be a disaster.

In this section, we will briefly cover how to build a coil. By no means is this a guide to build coils. Here is a brief overview of coil building.

Coil Building For RTAs and RDAs

  • Assemble all materials required to make a coil including coil wire, wire cutters, wick, tweezers, ceramic tweezers, scissors, small screwdriver, and preferably a coil jig.
  • Wrap coil wire around the coil jig. The diameter of the coil, the gauge of the wire, and number of wraps is the guide to what the final resistance level should be.
  • Cut the coil wire and insert into the atomizer deck. Tighten the screws and trim excess wire.
  • Use the tweezers to center the coil between the posts on the atomizer deck.
  • Connect to a mod or resistance reader and check the resistance level.
  • Select an appropriate power level and test fire the coil. The coil should heat evenly and you will be able to tell by the orange glow. Use the ceramic, heat resistant tweezers to evenly space the coils so they heat evenly.
  • Remove from the mod and allow the coil to cool. Then, roll the cotton with into a cylindrical shape and run through the coil. Trim the wick with scissors but allow at least 1 cm of coil, or more, to extend beyond the ends of the coil.

Getting the coils to heat evenly and getting the wick right can be a challenge. There are a lot of steps here. But the good news is that honestly all of this is unnecessary. You can upgrade your vaping experience by relying on the advanced function and ease of use of a Mig Vapor device.

RTA and RDA Alternatives

We have discussed what is an RDA and what is an RTA. Clearly there is some complexity involved in vaping with RTAs and RDAs. Complexity that may be enjoyed by some, but for most people they just want results. And results can be achieved without complexity. Like we say at Mig Vapor, let the technology do the work.

We offer several of the best vape tanks in the business. Our R&D team is tireless in the pursuit of a better vape. We work with the best manufacturers in the world. The goal is to advance the existing designs and make vapor products easier to use and strive to deliver the best vaping in the world. Our tanks are precision engineered, and we know that is only half the battle. The vape coils must also be exceptional.

Mig Vapor vape coils are also precision engineered. The coils themselves are wrapped to perfection and to an exact resistance level so that the user will have certainty, and more importantly consistency. We use only the best materials including coil and wick. And look, the effort we put in is worth every bead of sweat because the vaping is amazing. The vapor production and flavor is outstanding. There is no need to go through the trials and tribulations of making home made coils for an RDA or RTA. Let the technology do the work while you enjoy an upgrade to your vaping.

MigVapor Gordo Fat Tank and Mesh Coils


The latest tend in vaping is mesh coils. A mesh coil is a type of coil that covers more surface area of the wicking material. The result is more vapor and dazzling flavor. Many vapers say that mesh coils are better for flavor than any RDA or RTA. And there is no better mesh coil tank than the MigVapor Gordo Fat tank.

The MigVapor Gordo Fat Tank is a large capacity sub ohm vape tank. Each mesh coil is precision cut. Our prices for the tank and coils are better than the prices on the Freemax Fireluke 2. You will get an exceptional performance for an exceptional value. All the flavor and vapor you want with no hassle.


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