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1 – Green Bullet Wax Atomizer Tank Complete with Ring Connector

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Green Bullet Wax Mini Atomizer Tank

The Green Bullet Wax Mini Atomizer Tank – designed with a sleek twist. This Green Bullet Dab Pen Tank looks more like some alien tool than a wax vape tank.
This atomizer is designed to work on an OVP battery, but can also be used with a Canna Blast Battery via the battery’s included adapter.
Despite its size, this tank does a surprisingly good at generating clouds and delivering a good hit of concentrate. Users should avoid filling it to capacity if they wish to prevent leaking. The Green Bullet Dab Tank is simple and effective. It uses dual coils with quartz wicking and ceramic chamber, producing good flavor and smooth hits. The plastic tank is threaded on to the mouthpiece and base. It looks just like a regular e-cigarette.

The Green Bullet Dab Tank features a thin and long profile that resembles an e-cigarette. But this isn’t meant to vaporize nicotine e-juice. The Green Bullet delivers powerful pulls for its size, and is a cheap and effective 510 wax atomizer. Due to how thin it is, the Green Bullet will function just fine with very low wattage (below 20W) on your existing mod.

Here is a video link for the WASP Wax Vape which is the full kit and can be purchased by clicking on this link: WASP

The Green Bullet is rebuildable ( 510 Connection stealth wax Atomizer )

For use with 510 batteries (V2 EX Batteries / Canna-Blast Batteries) or OVP

Pack Includes:

1 Green Bullet Wax atomizer complete with ring connector to use in the OVP battery.



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