MigVapor Trap Pod Kit

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  • 1 x Mig Vapor Trap Pod Battery
  • 2 x Empty Mig Vapor Trap Salt Nic E-Juice Pods (1 x Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x Luer Lock Syringe with Tip
  • 1 x User Manual

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Mig Vapor Trap Pod Kit

The Trap Pod Kit is an innovative pod system that offers Pods with no juice, so you can choose and fill them with your own. Most pod system vaporizers come with disposable/replaceable pods that contain the liquid, wick, and coil all in one pod. The Trap Pod Kit makes it easy on user as they don’t have to worry about replacing the coil and wick after too much wear and tear. Both are simply replaced with the pod once the liquid runs out. Mig Vapor Trap Pods are a little bit different in that they are refillable, which saves users money on replaceable cartridges. Each pod can be refilled up to five times before needing to be replaced. We do recommend using the same flavor of Salt Nic E-Juice, or a complimentary flavor, when refilling the pods for the purest experience. A Trap Pod Kit is ideal for users who like to switch flavors more often than taking the time to use a tank and a bottle of Salt Nic e-juice. Pods make it easy to replace flavors quickly and offer users more variety in their flavor choices. The Trap Pod Kit is a much more affordable pod system and is simply unmatched by its competitors. The Trap Pod Kit comes with its own Micro USB cord for recharging, so no more carrying around extra batteries! Users can choose the level of nicotine content in their custom blends to make it just perfect. This refillable Trap Pod Kit is unmatched in quality and performance, so grab your Mig Vapor Trap Pod Kit from The Pop Shop, today!


Dimensions: 107mm x 18mm x 9mm

Made of a Lightweight Aluminum Shell

Pod Capacity: 1.5ml

Internal Battery Capacity: 350mah

Refillable Salt Nic E-Juice Pods

Auto-Inhale Activated

Slim & Discrete

Charge Time: 30 min.

Micro USB Charging Port

Also Included: 1 Luer Lock Syringe 15 Gauge (1ML) Blunt Tip

Precise 1 MG Medical grade filling syringe with stopper. 15 gauge and blunt tip. Intended use: Filling Pod with E-Liquid. This is not a medical syringe tip. The top is cut off blunt.


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