V2 EX Blanks Alternative Cartridges – 10 Pack

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  • 10 Reusable Clear Cartomizer Tanks of your choice
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V2 EX Blanks Alternative 

10 Pack of E-Liquid Cartridges


V2 EX Blanks Alternative Cartridges are 100% compatible with the V2 EX E-Cig Cartridges. Get the most from your vapor! These Vape Tanks are the best disposable vape cartridges around, you can expect everything you would want in this disposable vape tank. We know you want the best and the most power so with 1.8-ohm or 2.5-ohm resistance, our tanks are just that – POWER!

Larger Tank (1.3 ml) than V2 EX Blanks.

The New and Ultimate

V2 EX Compatible Cartridges

Our tanks are top of the class, with a 2.5 ohm or 1.8 ohm resistance of your choice, you will be shooting out bigger and better clouds. We do recommend that you use a 0.6 MG Nicotine as not to burn your E-liquid. With all that power, you can only expect the best from these vape tanks. We have the best juice to go along with these awesome tanks Here.


V2 EX Alternative Cartridges

For your convenience, we have thrown in a drip-gauge label in milliliters to make sure you can pack our tanks to the max with your favorite juices. Not only that, along with quick wick absorption, you will be ready, set and back to vaping in no time. The clean and clear design along with a removable mouthpiece push modern style and sophistication. Not only do you get style with our tanks, but you also get the functionality you would expect. We know you can appreciate simplicity, ease of use and with the tanks, that is exactly what you get.

Disposable Tanks

With a screw on mouthpiece for zero leaking, you will never need another disposable tank for your daily vaping needs. With our most advanced atomizer, you will crush the competition with a blend of power and precision. Along with the ability to refill our Max Tanks up to 8 times and our MV Tanks up to 21 times, means you will be able to vape longer than ever on the only disposable tank you need. Don’t take our word on it, listen to the experts Here.


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MV 2.5 Ohm, MAX 1.8 Ohm


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